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Changemaker Camps

ChangeMaker Camp is one intervention of The Good Human Being Foundation under the focus area of The Contributory Personality.

Two days One night – ChangeMaker Camp is an attempt to give exposure and connect to the children (Age group 12 to 16 years – Grade 6 to Grade 10 & dropouts ) from very interior parts of Rural and Tribal areas. Since these students have not come outside of their communities, they do not know how to connect with other students who are residing either at block(taluka) level or in cities.

We believe ChangeMaker camps followed by area specific camps can contribute to building the children with confidence, growth mindset, and 21st century skills. ChangeMaker camp covers sessions on Attitude, Art & Craft, Technology (Robotics, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting etc), Science, Maths, Making & Design Thinking, Performing Arts, Career & Goal Setting, Spirituality, Contributory Personality. ChangeMaker camps aim to help them understand and develop the thought process for becoming ChangeMaker for their Village, Cluster, or for the Nation. We use methods/pedagogies like lectures, interactions, games, online sessions, team-building tasks, interaction with local innovators, short trekking, stage performance, camp duties etc.

The ChangeMaker camp is designed to be a volunteer-led program where the earlier participant can serve and learn as a volunteer.     

There are multiple sessions in the lines of : Self Directed Learning (Using Robotics as a tool), Design Thinking (Using art challenge as a tool), Meeting with local role model(Local unsung hero – Innovator), Case Studies – Change Makers, Ideation process, Journey of youth – Online interactive session, Technologies of the future(Info session – eg AI-ML), Creativity & Imagination(Art & Craft), Various games – events to connect the participants.  In a typical day of the camp, participants undergo various engaging activities, fun learning, team building, problem solving etc. 

Standard ChangeMaker camp has about 50 participants including 10 volunteers. Usually we organize the camp at our foundation campus at Idar where they can get exposure to a Maker space, a Fab lab, Library, the Community Studio, Computers etc.  However, on the basis of requests, we may arrange the same at remote locations as well. 

In the long run, we look at the ChangeMaker camp to build a local ecosystem of young budding innovators who can develop a social contributory mindset and to create solutions to solve local community challenges.  

Till December 31, 2022 – ten such ChangeMaker Camps are organized.